4 Tips On How You Can Move Heavy Furniture in Van Nuys, Los Angeles

When we are so excited about a move, we forget how difficult are the tasks ahead and we usually tend to overlook the amount of physical work required. Furniture items are one of the heaviest objects that must be moved and they require special consideration. The following tips can be very helpful, especially if it is the first time when you move:

–  Do 2 inventory lists: one to record all the furniture that will be shipped and the second one with materials needed for packing.  Always do these lists with some time ahead, because there will always be something new to be added or movers companysomething that you forget for the moment. Moving is a serious activity and it requires some degree of managerial skills and resource planning. You will need: furniture dollies, straps, boxes of various sizes, heavy duty boxes, packing tape, markers, wrapping materials, specially designed containers and so on. The lists are always open to add some new items.

–  Pack the furniture with the right tools. Do not use newspapers or rugs, which can be quickly damaged and offer little or no protection. Instead use furniture padding, multi-layered bubble wrap and secure furniture with straps.

–  If possible, disassemble your furniture into smaller pieces. It is more advantageous to carry smaller items rather than a single, heavy one. And it also gives you more control and possibilities to place them into different boxes. Place heavier items at the bottom of a box and lighter ones at the top.

–  Seal the boxes containing pieces of furniture and label them properly. Labeling all the boxes will be of great help later, when you will have to unpack and reassemble the furniture.

All these steps can look easy to follow, but the amount of work is still huge and a single person cannot handle it all alone. For that we have commercial movers in Van Nuys that can help anyone willing to move around. Our company is one of the best movers in the area and we can provide quality services under highest standards. If you want a quick, easy and safe relocation of your belongings, do not hesitate to contact us. Click here!