What is the Best Time for Renting an Apartment?

The real estate market has its ups and down and you want to be ready for any price decrease. Make sure you have a good moving service Los Angeles to help you relocate when needed. A moving company can get you where you need as fast as possible and companies accept last minute calls.

Los Angeles_movingWhat is the best month to rent?

If you need to rent an apartment in Los Angeles, keep in mind some important things:

  • Los Angeles is  a huge city with many expensive area
  • Los Angeles has one of the biggest Universities in the country and there are many students hunting for apartments, flats and studios.
  • Making your way through Los Angeles can be difficult, so make sure you have everything planned up.

With these things in mind, you can start searching for apartments in… autumn. The best month to rent apartments is November, followed closely by December and February. Renting in the first month of spring can also help you save some money.

Moving in summer is the most expensive as there are many students returning home and hunting for jobs/apartments. The last month of summer and the first of autumn are especially expensive as students come to Los Angeles to continue their studies.

Not too many people move in the cold season, so real estate prices tend to go down during this period. If you can, move sometime between November and April and you will get the best rental prices.

What is the best day to rent?

Statistics indicate that the best days to start renting apartments are the very first or the very last of a month.

Renting at the beginning of the month. You will be able to claim affordable renting prices and score deals as real estate agents offer discounts to first customers. When renting in Los Angeles, you also compete with many other people who want the same thing as you: the best rates. Make sure you beat them to it.

Renting at the end of the month.  Tenants want to fill any vacancies they have and a good way they can convince you is by cutting prices. They can offer several discounts to bring people in so that they do not lose a month worth of payment.

If you want to move to Los Angeles, make sure you hire a good moving company! Visit us for details.

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