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Packing and shipping boxes can quickly exhaust us. We are humans, not machines and we have our limits. But if you want to finish quicker, you should hire professional moving service. Local movers are more than able to provide full logistic support and you will have a team of experienced workers at your side. Before you can hire Van Nuys movers, you should consider about these 3 key factors: –  Experience. Choose movers that haveRead more

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When we are so excited about a move, we forget how difficult are the tasks ahead and we usually tend to overlook the amount of physical work required. Furniture items are one of the heaviest objects that must be moved and they require special consideration. The following tips can be very helpful, especially if it is the first time when you move: –  Do 2 inventory lists: one to record all the furniture that willRead more

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A hot tub is a fragile and expensive item and must be transported with care, like all other sanitary items. Any accident may cost you more than you can afford. There are various types of tubs imitating Victorian style or gilded with gold or silver decorations. It is useless to say how much do they cost. Also, a hot tub is very heavy and it cannot be lifted by one person alone. It comes inRead more

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Moving to another residence is never an easy task. It involves many hours of work for packing all the items and finally to transport them to their final destination. We tend to delay all the hard work until the last moment, and we usually get late or we forget something.  If we have to do this during some Holidays the lack of enthusiasm is even greater. All the shortcomings can be removed if you hireRead more

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