How To Pack A Bedroom For A Move

Prepping a bedroom for a move can be a nuisance, since here is where we keep most of our stuff.  The bedroom is our intimate universe and here we store our clothes, shoes, but also, extremely valuable items, like paintings or expensive  electronic appliances and devices.  Each room is unique, matching our unique personality.  Our guide provides basic guidelines for handling bedroom relocation. If you need external help, do not hesitate to contact Van Nuys movers. Residential movers have a vast experience in handling any sort of bedroom relocation,  no matter how hard it would look.

564707-38817-56First of all, start by cleaning and sorting the bedroom. In this way you will know where everything is and if there are things you no longer use or need.  Also decide which items of clothing you’ll need for the move trip and for the first few nights in your new home. Set these articles aside or pack them in a suitcase for easy storing. All the items vitals for the first days after the move should be placed in an “essentials box”.

If you have clothes that you don’t want to wrinkle, then you may want to purchase wardrobe boxes.  For other clothes, leave them on hangers and fold into a medium to large-sized box that has been lined with plain paper. Shoes can be left in their boxes then placed in a medium-sized box. If you do not have the individual boxes, then wrap each shoe in plain newsprint paper then wrap each pair together.

Keep jewelry in a secure box, then place in your valuable box that you can take with you when you move. The valuable box should be small enough to carry with you.  Pack linens, sheets and pillows in a clear plastic garbage bag. Mirrors, pictures and frames should be packed in special cartons.  Drapes, curtains and blinds should also be packed in a wardrobe box.  Furniture must be careful disassembled.

Moving a bedroom is a complex, tedious process and you will surely need an extra pair of helpful hands. Do not hesitate to Contact us!

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