Learn How to Move A Sofa Or Couch During Your Move In Van Nuys Or Nearby Cities!

Preparing a sofa or a couch for a move is a daunting task and must be executed with care, otherwise you will risk damaging your items. You must keep their integrity and use proper procedure and materials to move them. Movers Van Nuys provides encounter these operations on routine basis and know exactly what to do.  You must contact a competent mover and hire it. It will send a team of professional employees and they can help you with the task ahead.  You can even learn how to move a sofa or couch during your move in Van Nuys or nearby cities.564707-38817-56

First thing to do is to clear the path and remove any obstruction. You must also measure the doorways and if possible, remove doors, in order to make this operation easier. Also measure the distance from floor to ceiling and keep an eye for low ceilings or narrow passages. Remove the legs of the sofa if this is possible. Also, remove mattress and pillows, to lighten the load.

Tie off the metal frame in order to prevent it unfolding while you are moving the sofa or couch. Lay the sofa bed on its back. At this moment it would be better to have a hand truck or a furniture dolly. Use heavy duty straps to secure the sofa on the dolly. After that all things should be easy and you will need to move the sofa/couch through the doors, stairways and hallways.

Having a professional mover will be extremely helpful. It can help you packing the furniture. You will have more protection if you want to pack the sofa or couch. A mover can bring shrinkwrap, microfoam, packing tapes and packing blankets. This will protect the legs, upholstery and the walls of your home. Shrinkwrap will keep your sofa/couch clean and will prevent exterior moisture to damage the item. Movers can adopt different techniques depending on the furniture and environment.

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