How to Move Fragile Electronic Equipment!

electronics_movingChoosing the right moving technique and mover represents the difference between “damaged” and “damage free” packed and transported electronics.  The complexity of the move is based on the number or electronics and their complexity. Packing a computer and a PC is easier than packing a data center which must first be disassembled.

Also, the adequate logistic support must be provided by the mover. In this blog post we will tell you more about how to move fragile electronic equipment. Do not forget to search for competent LA movers and hire one able to safely relocate all your electronics.

We rely on countless electronic devices to make our jobs easier or to simply entertain us.  We can say that our whole modern society is built around electronic devices. Almost all these devices have a common trait: they are highly sophisticated and extremely sensitive to a number of factors: heat, pressure, moisture, electrostatic charges. Sensible surface like computer monitors or TV need extra protection, especially against scratches and pressure.

For example, you can use anti-static bubble wrap to protect the surface. Build a double walled corrugated box and use foam in place packing for protection between the monitor and the box. Protective crates should be used for transporting the electronics. Also, a good mover will have air-ride carts or specially designed computer carts.

It is preferable to dismantle complex systems accordingly with user guide manuals. All subcomponents must be labeled. For very complex systems, it is recommended to take pictures before disassembling.  All cords and cables must be packed and labeled.

Before hiring a mover, check if it specializes in moving electronics. Make sure to ask about logistic support and materials used for transporting and packing delicate electronic devices. And do not forget to ask for an onsite evaluation of your cargo.

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