Van Nuys Moving Company Recommends 5 Tools To Help You Move!

Moving can cause a lot of stress and exhaustion. But some specially designed moving equipment can make your task easier. Van Nuys moving company recommends 5 tools to help you move.

moving-services-300x2331)     Dollies.  You will need furniture dollies or utility dollies if you do not want to get exhausted and risk injure yourself.  They can save you a lot of lifting and reduce all the stress and frustration.  Depending on the number of moving workers or assistants, you can rent one type or both types.

Utility dollies (an upright dolly with 2 wheels) will help you move several stacked boxes at once. Furniture dollies have 4 wheels and a large flat base.  Use it to move heavier items.  Just make sure that all the heavy items are well-secured. You can find all types of dollies and hand trucks, with nylon frame, ergonomic design and large load capacity (around 300 lbs. for 2 wheels and 400 lbs. for 4 wheels).

2)     Moving blankets. They will protect your furniture from dust, dirt and spills. Clean the item first and then cover it with a moving blanket.

3)     Ropes and straps. They indispensable for any move. Do not forget to include them on the shopping list. They are the ideal tool for carrying heavy items like big screen television, couches, sofas or everything else that requires several persons for handling. Straps also prevent back strains. Secure the furniture items to a dolly before transporting them to the cargo hold.

4)     Packing tape and scissors. Keep it close to you all the time. You can secure the corners of moving blankets or secure different furniture components. If a box opens in the middle of the operation, you can repackage it.

5)     Stair-roller. Helps you roll heavy objects down the stairs. Extremely useful for carpeted stair.

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