What is a moving insurance?

For a professional, safe and quick relocation it is highly recommended to hire movers with vast experience and good reviews. Unlike regular citizens, a moving company has a better knowledge of all the work that must be done during the whole relocation process.

Moving workers are trained to perform under high pressure and they must have permanent caution not to hit or scratch the items that will be transported. But moving laeven they, with all the preparations done, cannot guarantee 100% that the load will arrive fully intact. If one of the items gets damaged, someone has to pay for it and the only one responsible for that is the mover who got it wrecked.  For that we have moving insurances that can be usually purchased from the same company that offered you the house insurance. Usually this type of insurance covers 10% of the declared value of your personal property. If your items get damaged or stolen during transit, this policy will help you pay a part of the loss.

For the rest you must file a claim to the moving company within a term of 9 months after delivery. Before you can actually start the whole shipping process you must make an estimated value of your transported cargo, make an inventory list of your items and a claim. After you unpack, if you see any damage to one or more of the objects, you must complete a claim, as soon as possible.

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